Alexander McDonald Books Introduces: "A Trilogy of Truth."


Hire Me or Fire Me

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Watch Trailer a coming of age, heart thrilling book, about the incredible journey of a young Scottish boy's reluctant move to Canada, from beautiful Scotland. The roller coaster of events that happen to him will leave you laughing, shocked, and with soul wrenching tears at the series of unbelievable experiences that can possibly happen to one individual's life.

The City of Lies

Nov 30th, 2014

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...If you think living in a small town basked in the warmth of Maple Leaf friendly Canada is a safe haven to live and raise a family; this solemn soul ripping true journey, will leave you gasping at the end and wondering just how safe living in a democratic country - truly is.

Never Give Up

December 30th, 2014

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...This is a book literally about never giving up, regardless of one's despair or despondency. McDonald learns in this adventure that there is always someone else - far worse off than yourself. Alex learns that the power of the human spirit just may be able to vanquish evil, and one's dreams truly might be re-born.