September 30, 2014 - Alexander McDonald

Who’d a Thought – Who’d a Thunk”

Who’d a Thought? Who’d a Thunk? Who Would Have Thought?

I did mention that I had more than one epiphany and as luck or lunacy would have it, it was yet again in Red-Deer Alberta Canada. I love music, and especially the Canadian greats like Bruce Colborne, Gordon Lightfoot, and Neil Young.

However what does annoy me about our celebrities, Neil Young to be honest, is the obvious lack of knowledge and his syrupy vitriol, ignorance, and misconceptions of Alberta Canada, and many fine corporations that actually do a lot more for their environment, than the manure spread by Neil’s ever so common and sometimes tiring lyrics.
As I mentioned I had another magic moment in Red-Deer, Alberta Canada., and it was right across from the M.E. Global / Dow Chemical Ethlyine Glycol Plant. Red-Deer Alberta. In case you don’t know what Ethyline Glycol is, it’s anti-freeze, a common product used in the engines of Planes, Trains and Automobiles’s, for that matter, and any other form of transportation that require a radiator, used by us common folks and similar ones like Mr. Young used to travel in to get to Alberta, in the first place.
Unless he flies and drives in planes trains and motorhomes for instance ustilizing the same manure that comes out of his ignorant mouth, in regards to the wonderful province of Alberta, Canada, and the wonderful people that work in many of these chemical companies, and pay more than their fare share of taxes to fund the not so environmentally friendly province of Ontario, which has more than its share of dirt and pollution, starting with the mouths and pockets of dirty politicians that are rife, in the government and in Toronto’s city Hall.
Well if one happend to drop into Red-Deer Alberta, amongst many lovely sights to see and places to go, if you take a drive or bicycle for that matter as my father use to do on a daily basis when he worked at Union Carbide in Prentice, a short ten minute drive, or thirty-five minute bike ride for that matter, there is a farm, a very special farm right across from the front gates of the big M.E. Global / Dow chemical company. Ellis Brid Farm is located in the heart of central Alberta. It is both a working farm as well as a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of Mountain Bluebirds, Tree Swallows and other native cavity-nesting birds. Drop-in visitors and tour groups are welcome at Ellis Bird Farm during the summer months, and open to the general public at no cost!
Everyone is invited to stroll the trails, enjoy the beautiful gardens, see the world’s largest outdoor collection of bluebird nest boxes, take a tour out to the wonderful bluebird trail, visit the Visitor Centre and linger in the Tea House. Speaking of tea, the several assorted teas are served on delightful crockery that the Queen her self would envy. The array of scones, sandwiches and homemade soups would have a gordon Ramsey himself –chewing at the bit. The lemonade itself is as refreshing as an Alberta rain, and the staff as young as twelve are friendly fun loving and pleasant ray of sunshine to be served by. The originators of Ellis Farm – Charlie and Winnie Ellis retired from active farming in 1980, selling the farm to Union Carbide. The sale agreement included provision for continuation and enhancement of Charlie’s pioneer work with the Mountain Bluebird.
To this end, Union Carbide, working closely with the Red Deer River Naturalist Society, established and funded a non-profit charitable company titled Ellis Bird Farm Ltd. MEGlobal Canada, which currently operates the Prentiss site, located just across the street from Ellis Farm, and is now the major funding partner of Ellis Bird Farm. It is a delight to know that a new, 20-year funding agreement was signed in August, 2007, and families from near and afar can enjoy the delights of nature for years to come.
So do yourself a favor, and do what my mom and dad did for me and my family, take an afternoon off from the hustle and bussle of life and the newspaper, and drop into Ellis Bird Farm, you just might fall in love with nature all over again, – we certainly did.
As for Neil Young, my mom recommends that he peddle himself down to Sweet Home Alibama, and get served tea and crumpets by “The Southern Man,” as he won’t get a smile and a chit chat in her Alberta Kitchen, after all, “moms know everything – don’t they?”


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