September 27, 2014 - Alexander McDonald

H.M.F.M. “Intro page explained”

Somewhere in the Scripture’s Jesus is alleged to have said, “there will always be sickness, disease, and death,” But faith or lack of faith, or belief in God for that matter doesn’t make it any easier, least not for me. So for many of us, me in particular, for a partial moment in my life journey – I became disollusioned. We all have our stories, and I’m sure yours is painfully deeper than mine, or perhaps not, but none the less, for comfort and compassion, I’d like to explain my regrettable association with the worst four letter word, or should I say six – “Cancer.” I dedicated my first book that I ever wrote, to my favorite cousin Alan White. Alan was the typical “nice guy” you’d like to have dated your daughter. He was good in school, never violent, extremely funny with the driest of British wit, and mostly a generous thoughtful person. He was no saint, he had some colorful swear words that only the Scots could pull off in a joke, without offending, and he liked to snaffle down several pints of Tenants Lager at any football game. He was a faithful husband, honest business man, and good father, and yet by Fate or Foul, Cancer took him at the prime of his life. My dear wife was married to a man just like Alan, faithful, loving, kind and compassionate, and  yet three months to the day after their wedding day, he passed away suddenly from pancreatic Cancer, at just 39 yrs of age, not a gift befitting for any young beautiful bride. As Fate or Foul would have it, three weeks to the day after she married me, in a fairy tale yacht wedding, with just a few cherished friends, in breathtaking beautiful Sydney Harbour, I found myself to be lying  in a hospital bed in Toronto Canada, diagnosed with Cancer. I am no saint, and by no means do I compare myself to be half the man that Ed or Alan was, (my mom would disagree), but I’d like to think that I have been charitable enough to my fellow man that I should get a second chance at life, and be around long enough to give my deserving wife, a life of love, adventure, childrens laughter, and a few decades of well deserved romance. So like you my dear reader, my wish is two fold, for you and for me, my desire and my new life plan, is to give as much joy, love, respect, and compassion to my fellow man and woman, and endeavor to make this – our world a happier place, at least for the brief moment we share the same air, until we become “hopefully” a good memory, one of laughter and good stories, for our children and our children’s children to pass on.

Blessings, peace and joy to you all.



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