September 27, 2014 - Alexander McDonald

H.M.F.M. Chapter Six: “Smelly Smog and….”

To picture life in a smelly, smog ridden, blue collar town , like Sarnia, Ontario Canada was for me, you would have to picture one of Tom Cruise’s less than famous, but memorable films, “All the Right Moves,” when he plays a hopeful quarterback, desperately seeking to change his destiny working in a goin’ nowhere factory town in Ampipe Pensylvania, to becoming a pro football star. So if you saw or remember this movie to any degree, for me, moving to the smelly Petro-chemical town of Sarnia, was slightly no no better then the Exodus me and my family did from the mosquito ridden town of Wallaceburg Ontario, and like Tom Cruise, I just knew my destiny had not yet been sealed, and yet another job had to be gained and lost, and another resume would have to be written. “Never Give Up.”

Blessing, peace, and persevere!



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