September 27, 2014 - Alexander McDonald

H.M.F.M. Chapter One: “Spent Dreams…”

“Spent Dreams and Flat Farmlands” sounds awfully foreboding, or depressing to say the least for an opening chapter to a book, especially coming from a ten-year old boy. But if you can look back to life as a ten year old, or perhaps reminisce to a favorite movie of mine, “Stand By Me” – life for a kid really was “living in the moment” and the summer holidays seemed to last an eternity, and best friends and local sights and familiarities, held at least for me, all of my dreams and all that life was truly worth. There are, I am sure thousands, if not tens of thousands that would say, being an immigrant to Canada, or America for that matter was a dream come true. But out of fairness, and reality, for many others, they –  like me, do not share that same view. Sometimes the stories are not that happy and riveting, and for me and my experiences, whether for good or for ill, are shared within the pages of this book, perhaps because you can relate from out of your own experiences, whether you immigrated from here to there or vice versa, and can understand that being an immigrant truly is a tough road to hike, especially when sometimes, events can occur, that truly can overwhelm the soul – as it did mine.

I’d love to hear from you, express your thoughts, if you were, or are an immigrant to a foreign land, a land with differing customs, and lacking or overwhelming for that matter, in values or beliefs that are not your own, and how you chose to handle it, or perhaps you were lucky enough to find your captain and crew, and sail away, to a far off land that you can truly call home.

Blessings, peace and joy.




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