Alexander McDonald


Alexander McDonald was born and raised in the rustic coast of South-West Scotland. He grew up playing soccer, watching old black and white movies, and listening to Elvis Presley and the Rolling Stones. He spent his youth going on adventures on his bicycle near the seaside, and reading books - at the old haunted library in Ayrshire. Alex never graduated from any university or college with any literature degree, but has a PHD in life adventures, ranging from Scotland, to Canada, to the United States, and in breathtaking Australia.

Being the youngest of two brothers in a hard working blue collar Scottish family, Alex found that an adventurous mind had to entertain the empty pockets of a young Scottish lad, growing up in a less than wealthy, frugal atmosphere in Ayr - Scotland.

The countless memories Alex recollects in his two Trilogy series' "A Trilogy of Truth," and "A Trilogy of Relationships & Romance," Alex fondly shares wild and unbelievable adventures, heart ache and sorrow, and laughter and love.

Alex remains a die hard Rugby and Soccer fanatic, and currently lives life as a proud Scottish -Australian, in beautiful Sydney Australia, with his lovely wife and children, and their heart lazy dog - Maximus.